Yahoo improves music video interface


Yahoo Music will update its player for music videos at about 4 p.m. tonight. The site is currently fluky while it is being updated.

The music video player is ad-supported, and not connected to Yahoo’s existing music subscription and Internet radio offerings. The improved interface has three panes, with watching, searching, and queuing (via drag and drop) all in one screen. Stream quality has been augmented (we don’t have specific details on this), and there’s a recommendation engine. The site is supposed to look good on a Mac and in Firefox.

The new music video site looks drastically better than the regular Yahoo Video site. Yahoo Music spokesperson Carrie Davis told us she did not know if the new interface would be extended to other products. Knowing Yahoo’s disjointed nature, we won’t get our hopes up. (TechCrunch posted an item on this earlier today that was somewhat unclear, which has since been updated.)

Yahoo’s music video product first launched in 1999 2003, Davis said (update: Davis asked around and found the correct launch date was actually 1999, with an update in 2001).

Yahoo Music Videos

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