What do you rely on most, besides technology?


We are web workers, and most of us, if not all, heavily rely on technology to make cash. Without the number of applications we use throughout the day including the internet, email, portable computers, large LCD displays, WIFI, and mobile devices, what is the one thing you rely on throughout the day that isn’t technology related. Like Anne, I rely heavily on my trusty pen and notepad, even though I’m a big fan of notes online. Is there anything you utilize in your day that has nothing to do with technology?



A Swiss Army Knife with a pen and scissors are a must. I use the pen when all the pens on my desk have disappeared. I use the scissors when I’m bored at my desk but glued to the chair… i sit and clip my nails until the computer screen calls back to me.

Island in the Net

My wife. Without her to distract me from my technopilia long enough to eat, sleep and engage life, I would have been found dead at a desk staring into the cold glow of an LCD.


Here are what I use, in no particular order:

– A UniBall Vision Elite pen
– A BIC 4-color retractable ballpoint pen
– A few 8.5″x11″ yellow legal pads
– A few stacks of purple or green Post-Its
– An orange chisel-point highlighter
– A pad of grid paper (I find it better than a napkin to mock up pages)
– A huge mug for tea, hot cocoa, etc.
– A bottle of ice cold water
– A small yet usable messenger bag for my MacBook Pro

Other than those items and possibly my tech books, I’m pretty flexible. A good desk/chair combo helps, too, but I try to make do with what I have.


Scotia, the yellow labrador retriever, the moleskine with index cards, a scheduled visit with a real live non-work-associated friend or relative, walking shoes that demand use, my saxophone, reading specs.


A notebook and pen, and the perfect (for me) bag. It has to be lightweight enough to function as a purse, yet big enough to hold a Moleskine, and a small paperback.

Sal Cangeloso

Definitely my desk. A big sturdy desk is the key to getting anything done, especially if you like to have your materials laid out in front of you…

I have one from Ikea, not too fancy, but it does the job.


A good armchair and reading glasses, because you know your eyes will get ruined by all this computing anyway so its best to save what can still be.

Derek Coleman


But seriously, like-minded people are essential to have nearby or at least easy to reach. New ideas flow much better when you’re talking with people of the same mindset.

Patrick Rhone

I rely on my Moleskine 18 Month Weekly Planner, Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase and Uniball Signo 207 Pen. Without these, my world would be one of reckless confusion and hopeless denial. Capture early, capture often. Then I take all that info and sync it into tech where all the little computer elves do the sorting and heavy lifting.

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