U.K. Wireless Auction Update


The U.K. wireless auction was just announced, but interested companies are already chiming in with some of their plans.

We mentioned that BT might use this as an excuse to get back into the mobile market. The British Independent paper has more details:

BT is interested in offering the wider-ranging WiMax technology but does not currently own appropriate spectrum to roll out the service. A BT spokesman said: “We are naturally interested in the potential of this spectrum and we continue to assess its possible uses, including the possibility of Wimax.”

ZDNet says that carriers like O2 that have already spent billions on their networks are getting all defensive over the idea of new players. “O2 has called for tight controls to be imposed on market entrants,” writes ZDNet.

It’s not a surprise that companies that overspent for 3G licenses are now trying to defend their investment any way possible. Forbes takes a look at that last famous wireless auction for the U.K. in 2000.

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