Two hot smartphone reviews: BlackJack and HTC P4350


P4350open_3 Samsungblackjack_1

Two of the latest new smartphones out there right now are the Cingular BlackJack and the HTC Herald and reviews recently popped up for both.

Mobility Site has a thorough look-see of the BlackJack, a very capable and thin competitor to the Motorola Q. Chris makes the switch from a Pocket PC Phone Edition device to BlackJack with this statement: "Not only did I accept the Smartphone as a suitable replacement, I purchased the Blackjack to keep." Find out why in his detailed review with pics and video. The included software was a big plus in my book.

MoDaCo has the HTC Herald, which is dubbed the P4350 in consumer circles. Paul put the P4350 through the daily paces for a few weeks and came away with an overall positive impression. The Herald is slightly smaller than previous HTC models, which is good, but lack of a 3G radio might be a turnoff for some.



I have been using the Blackjack since the day it was released and it is one great device. If you don’t need a touch screen or the full version of Office mobile it is well worth a look. The Blackjack and my Q1 make for a great combination!

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