The Downfalls of Online Applications

Online applications are great. Being able to access valuable information from wherever you are located in the world, and not being tied down to one computer is one of the main benefits of this Web 2.0 era.

Email can be accessed though online webmail applications like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AIM, and many others. Word and Spreadsheet applications can be stored, worked on, and collaborated care of Google’s tools, and Zoho amongst others. Task lists can be updated and reminders set with Stikkit. Calendars and appointments are tracked with Google Calendar and 30 boxes.

We use online storage solutions like Xdrive or to store information, and our 100GB hard drives almost become obsolete. Some companies like Linutop out there are even selling systems with no hard drives particularly for web based application users.

Everything is all good, and these companies do offer valuable online services, but what happens when disaster strikes? Storage servers do go down. Companies do go bankrupt. Companies get bought over, and liquidated. Where does our information go? Is it still secure? How do we recover our lost files and information?

I have been thinking allot about this lately, as it seems this year that more and more of my information gets stored online. Thus I have been working out a plan to schedule in timely preventative maintenance techniques, to ensure that my data is always backed up.

As for data security, if one of the online companies I do deal with goes under, and servers liquidated to who knows who, I do not store any secure, or highly important valuable information. Just regular everyday unimportant information that would normally mean nothing to anyone else that might get their hands on it.

Do you use online applications where you store your information like calendars, words, files? Do you have any plans to ensure that you are always backed up? What are the techniques that you use?


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