Some Startups and Quick Comments On Them


On a slow news day, we thought we’d take a look at some startups: acts as an agent for booking ads in Print and online media. There are no advertising rates on display, and a representative contacts you directly with rates, based on your budget. Contrary to claims, not of much use to media planners who have pre-established relationships and extensive databanks. [source 1=”<a” href=”” 2=”title="agencyfaq">agencyfaqs</a>” language=”:”][/source] claims to be India’s first online entertainment channel. The content is sourced (not UGC), and in the form of short clips. They’ve got stars to endorse the website and are currently beta testing. They have tie-ups with media buying houses for ten second ad spots, free inventory till Dec 15th. Commercial launch in Jan. I found the ‘Prabhu’ series funny (a sample), though the ad is irritating. Almost like UGC. Not all the programming is great…what I like is that they’re archiving their content, so it can be watched at any time.

Indian Shutter intends to compete with Corbis and Getty Images: they’re compiling India specific image content, and allowing users to sell their photographs online. They’re looking to maintain quality by fixing 300 dpi as the minimum cut-off for uploaded content. And protecting copyrighted content by displaying thumbnails and low-res watermarked previews. I’m not sure if there will be any quality control, but the search is fast, though that may be attributed to there not being enough stock of photos. Lots of amateur photographers around, so it could grow.

Some niche social nets:
Saffron Connect is a site for fans of Indian music, with an online music player that doesn’t require registration, to get things started. The site also features playlists, event listings and…blogs. There’s a funny picture battle feature, that might get people more involved

Jhoom is also a site that allows fans of Indian music/movies to connect. For the intellectually inclined, there are ‘Hot Topics’ for discussion, like on product placement in movies. Indian artists can also publish their own music. They seem to have money to burn – the launch party photos, with lots of stars.

Crickem is a cricket social net that seems to push the video content. Some of it is interesting, but I can’t watch it all day. Clubs and Video content…reminds me of the other cricket startup – . There are blogs in this one, though I can’t understand why.

Suggested reading, especially if you’re a startup: The story.



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Readers may be interested to know that is on its way back. Check out the new holding page to get an idea of what it will be about.


Negative or positive…comments is not the issue here.

At the next down turn or e correction (which is as ineviatble as seasons)ALL these online sites will disappear!

Just remember a good idea is just a reflection of a good P&L a year or two down the road!Everything else is folklore!And the balance 'investment mode'



Happy that web2.0 site count is growing very rapidly in India.
But one point they all should consider.Few of the so called Indian Web 2.0 sites are still based on old school html and tabled markup. Some point in time we should recognize that following web standards will reduce the total cost of operation of any medium to large scale website. This is not just a theoritical point but its a proven fact, for example take There are plenty of advantages when you follow webstandards to build future proof websites which can be maintained easily.
The ceo's of 2.0 sites should wake up at some point in time and practice web standards as a mandatory.
All the best to Indian Web 2.0 boom! Hope we will see the next big web2.0 innovation from India.


one good site is , it gives informations about many cities

Sunil R Nair

Hi Nikhil,

The fixed program system was evolved to keep content in control else nautanki might just become another youtube clone. by rolling over content like ETC / MTV we get to focus on the ones that are done well. To say the least – it is part of a larger gameplan.

We have an excellent editorial team in place. It is headed by Vikram Prabhu who was content head with ZEE and them ETC. We are also working with some of the brightest film makers on the short format. While the content currently is not too great, we do not want to expose too much of what we have during beta. Interestingly we have been getting a huge amount of traction from overseas and some of the emails we have seem to give all the content good points. Maybe it is because there is a lack of entertainment online.

We hope too to make money consistently. Thanks for being the honest devil's advocate.


I said that the prabhu clip is like UGC (User Generated Content).
Playing the devil's advocate:
– Ads according to profile is a freedom that you have with the medium, but why have you gone ahead with a fixed chart when you can allow to choose the programs that they want to watch, when they want to watch it?
– Indie film makers are fine, but do you have an editorial team in place for selection of content? Some of the content was just to amateur…you might have ads in the trial period, but if the content isn't compelling – people could pull out.
Great that you've already started making money. Hope it continues like that. :)

Sunil R Nair

Hi Nikhil,

The UGH ad on PrabhuTalks of is a paid ad and that makes it not too ugh for us dear friend.

The points that you missed:

This is the first attempt to use a fixed chart for programs that would be telecast

the ads will change according to user profile as we go into that stage very soon.

without ads TV will never work nor will nautanki

We are providing a platform for a lot of indie film makers to get revenue using our unique revenue share method and will very soon have two film festivals on nautanki.

MOST IMPORTANT point: We started making money! which a lot of the others cannot in this list cannot claim to have even started


Saurav: My apologies. Has been corrected.

ramk: there are some positives mentioned. You shouldn't just focus on the negatives. :)


team contentsutra
you guys are doin a great job. a lill more positive feed back could help out the start ups in india.
its not boooooooooooo time in india .its boom time and i feels its not like 1999 bubble this time.

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