Social Aspects of the Distributed Workplace

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One of the unintended consquences of moving so many employees out of the office is how to keep up morale and effectively manage teams when the physical dimension is removed from the equation. In a must-read article for people who manage teams of telecommuters, Network World took a look at number of different approaches by companies to solve the problems.

From large companies like IBM organizing fun activities like picnics and sports, to smaller companies like Perkett PR meeting up at Chamber of Commerce meetings to network, there seem to be plenty of excuses to get together during on and off hours to meet in person. Offline strategies include ‘water cooler’ video conference chats and simply being friendly over IM to humanize daily interactions.

While many of these solutions may seem intuitive to those of us who have grown up with all this technology at the center of our lives, it’s interesting to take a look at the tensions being created in traditional corporate culture.

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