Nintendo Sets Sales Records in Europe


Nintendo’s sales numbers are in and there’s cause for celebration: the Nintendo Wii has become the fastest selling console in the history of Europe. The two-day sales figures for the Wii total up to 325,000 units. Also of note is the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (one of Nintendo’s oldest and most succesful franchises) sold 240,000 copies, meaning that 74% of all Wiis purchased were sold with a copy of that game.

Not only was Nintendo happy to report that news, but they also had a pretty fantastic weekend with the company’s hand held game system, the Nintendo DS. The DS (which stands for dual screen) is the spiritual successor to the wildly popular Game Boy Advance. This week alone, the DS sold 515,000 units, bringing the European install base up to 8 million, according to Gamasutra. It’s good to be Nintendo.

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