New York Times features Matt Miller and UMA



Podcast co-host Matthew Miller just made his New York Times pictorial debut (above pic credit: New York Times). No ladies, it’s not in the "Hot Geek o’ the Month" calendar and I’m also sorry to tell you that he’s off the market. Aside from Matt showing the proper way to hold a cell phone to your ear, the NYT article covers some of Matt’s recent experiences with a UMA service from T-Mobile. UMA is the up and coming service that seamlessly switches your phone calls back and forth between standard cellular networks and WiFi networks. I say "up and coming" because we’re in the early stages of the new service. It’s not perfect yet, but I give it another year to really work the kinks out. Watch for UMA to really take off in 2008, but don’t wait for then: read the story in the NYT now! For the record, we were all asked to be in the picture, but since James and I have cartoon heads, the Times balked. Just kidding…great job Matt!



According to Mr. Miller it is in fact the Dash, although he denies it is your wife’s Dash, FWIW.

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