MacHeist Hits $50k Mark


Phill Ryu’s MacHeist has just hit the $50k mark for charity which means all of the nearly 5,000 people who have purchased the software bundle so far will now be getting a NewsFire license.

If MacHeist users purchase enough to raise $100k for charity (25% of all purchases are donated) then all of the users will also get a license to TextMate.

I encourage you to go checkout MacHeist and if snag their software bundle if there are some apps you’re interested in. It’s a steal to get all of those apps at that price and then on top of that you get to help out some charities.



I’m assuming no one twisted anyone’s arm to participate. I read what Gruber had to say, and plunked down my 50 bucks this afternoon despite his long-winded (or thorough, depending on your point of view) article. IMHO, the bundle was good deal, a good charity benefits, and the developers win too, because I would have NEVER bought these apps otherwise.

I think Gruber’s wrong. YMMV.



Yes, I can see you’re capable of thinking for yourself – speaking for yourself too. I guess you told me, huh!?


Scott, the only dumb things I’m reading at the moment are your comments. Every accusation you level at John Gruber applies equally to yourself based on your contribution to this discussion.

Back to Macheist – if I want to support a particular developer, I’ll buy their software, or donate. Likewise, if I wish to support a charity, I donate. One particular project I won’t be supporting by putting any cash their way is Phill Ryu’s “how to line your own pockets while convincing others you’re altruistic” Macheist.



Never did I say Mr. Gruber wasn’t knowledgeable. I did say he was an idiot. I also said he doesn’t think his shit stinks.

Certainly, he’s capable of gleening info from a great many sources. He goes a bit too far in assuming on occassion and looks like a bit of an ass. Plus, the guy is a Yankee fan. That reason a lone makes everything I’ve said about him true. ;)

Julian Bennett Holmes

Well, I’d say John Gruber is probably one of the best and most knowledgeable Mac bloggers out there, but I guess it’s a matter of opinion here.

Anyways, I doubt MacHeist will reach the $100,000 for TextMate.

Jeffrey J. Hoover

Well, thinking for yourself should not precude information gathering. Read John Gruber’s article and read the information at MacHeist.

Then poke around a bit on the net to gather other information.

*Then* make your decision.


i have to agree w/ john a bit on this one even though i think the charity side of macheist is a welcome addition that would be nice to see more often. peace. bv.


What’s even more funny, is that you actually think you need to go read John Gruber before making up your own mind. Johns an idiot who thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

Do yourself a favor – THINK for yourself. It’s liberating.

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