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iPhone on Monday?

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Gizmodo is teasing the world and saying that iPhone will be released on Monday, and it is not what they expected. Oh god, not again… not that same story again …. I know this is my reaction to that one line teaser they put out.

Just pointing out that the teaser doesn’t mention Apple. And no, Steve Jobs & Co. are not crazy to release what could be a hot device mere nine days before Christmas. In other words don’t expect an iPhone from Apple. In fact, I am confident enough to bet another 10-pounds on it. (In case you were wondering, I am down about 10 pounds since Goobe was announced.)

But I do admit, we are deliciously intrigued and on tenterhooks, wondering what the hell is Gizmodo talking about!

6 Responses to “iPhone on Monday?”

  1. “we are deliciously intrigued and on tenterhooks, wondering what the hell is Gizmodo talking about!”

    This “prediction” has proven to generate great exposure for Gizmondo on the bed of the iPhone rumor wagon.

  2. David Touve

    Could just be a Wi-Fi phone, by way of iChat or some potential VOIP service. No GSM/CDMA or carrier deals. Might not even have music capabilities this time around. That would make a great deal of sense.

    They wanted to launch it earlier, but ran into delays. But nine days before Christmas is better than 30 days after.

    Happy to put up 10 British Pounds, to your 10 Human Pounds. IF that would make this all more interesting.

  3. I think it could happen. However, I don’t think the actual product would be available on Monday. Just like what Apple did with the iTV, they announced it before it would be available and I believe they’ll do the same thing with the iPhone. The reason for this is that they need to get FCC clearance as a wireless device. We all know that FCC documents are publicly accessible.