Freeware of the moment: PocketMac for Blackberry synching


SyncmenuOn the offchance that Igor wants to synch a Blackberry with his Mac OS X Asus R2H, TUAW mentions PocketMac. Actually you don’t need an Asus R2H and your name doesn’t have to be Igor: if you’re a Mac owner that totes a RIM Blackberry, you can download PocketMac for free, direct from RIM. Here’s a listing of the data types you can synch:

  • Email
  • Entourage® Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes
  • Address Book Contacts
  • iCal® Calendar and Tasks
  • Now Contact®/Now Up-To-Date® Contacts, Calendars & Tasks
  • Meeting Maker Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks
  • Lotus Notes Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks
  • Safari Bookmarks (One-Way sync)
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