European PS3 Launch Delays Denied


David Reeves, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, released a statement today that all rumors of a further PS3 launch delay in Europe are false. This comes after Sony had to delay the PS3 launch from November 17 th to March of 2007 due to manufacturing problems. This speculation was given room to grow when Phil Harrison, director of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., refused to confirm the March 2007 launch date for the European PS3.

European video game news site, CVG, recently speculated that the PS3 may not launch until September 2007:

“High placed sources within the industry have already been tipping April as a more realistic launch window the for console. But a source has told CVG that a PS3 delay as far back as September 2007 is now far more likely, pointing the finger of delay at – yes you guessed it – ‘component shortages.’ And let’s face it, you don’t launch a console in summer.”

After throwing away all of the good will earned with the PS2, Sony wants to avoid angering any more fans by launching this system on time. We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Mr. Reeves!

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