Apple Tablet lives! OS X on the Asus R2H UMPC



I never realized there were guides for installing Mac OS X on an x86 system, but apparently there are. Only UMPC reports that an Asus R2H owner took advantage of the instructions and has Mac OS X version 10.4.7 installed and running on his UMPC! According to Igor, the resourceful fella that did this, "OS boot takes about 1min and 10 sec. UI is pretty slow, but it is not that annoying. This is most annoying Screen calibration is off, Most of the devices don’t work except Bluetooth and LAN."

That’s to be expected of course, I ran into similar issues when installing the Ubuntu distro of Linux on the Samsung Q1. Still, this shows promise and gives a glint of what a small touchscreen device running Mac actually looks like.


bobby chapman

This is great. I haven’t used a mac since back in early elementary school(around 18 years ago). I’ve been dying to try macs out. I’ve recently been doing a great deal of graphic arts and animation, so a Mac is what I need to learn now.
I hope Mac jumps on the UMPC market… althought it wouldn’t be a UMPC then would it? Either way I’d carry both devices. “I’m a Mac and a PC, so stop the annoying commercials and let John Hodgman get back to writing more books.”
-Bobby Chapman


Can this be done on a Tablet PC as well, or is this limited to passive digitizers (UMPC)?

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