78% of U.S. Homes Now On Broadband


According to the latest Nielsen//NetRatings poll, 78% of all households in the U.S. are now using broadband for their Internet needs. This latest figure shows a drastic increase, 13%, over last years findings. Even more interesting is the fact that the number one usage of that broadband is online gaming.

The number one destination for those who are using broadband at home is the gaming site pogo.com. Pogo, owned by Electronic Arts, is a casual gaming site that offers prizes in exchange for tokens earned playing the games. The second ranked site is the Electronic Arts home page. Electronic Arts is a video and computer game publishing giant that holds the licenses for some of the most successful gaming franchises, such as Madden NFL and FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association). Also in the top 10 are two other casual gaming sites: MSN Games and RuneScape.

These numbers are quite significant in showing that gaming is growing out of the basements and arcades and into peoples living rooms and everyday lives. If this trend continues, gaming, and especially casual gaming, could enter a golden age of creativity and profit.

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