Zune’s Advertising Strategy; Spend May be Increased

A month or so into Zune’s launch, Microsoft is considering increasing its advertising to attract more attention to it, reports News.com. This after a mixed reception on its launch…many of those first-week buyers were probably from the hard-core gadget enthusiast crowd, the story says. They’re not the young hipsters that Microsoft is hoping to convince to buy the Zune.
The company’s initial goal was to have its ads reach about one quarter of those in its target age range, and reach them at least three times…but it says that it isn’t trying to compete with the level of “noise” generated by iPod advertising.
Also, as the story says, the company also may be waiting until it has a broader story to tell. Right now, it has only one hard-drive-based model on the market, and it still doesn’t have a store to sell videos.