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Yahoo Roundup: Opens “Panama” To New Users; Yahoo Answers White Label; ABCNews-Yahoo

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— Que viva, que viva Panama, y ahora que viva Panama … one of the songs I learned in long-ago Spanish class comes to mind (please forgive the spelling) as I read about the expansion of Yahoo’s new search marketing platform code-named “Panama.” Yahoo needs Panama to be a hit. A full rollout earlier this year might have saved the company from a lot of grief although it couldn’t do anything to change the structural dynamics. Today Yahoo finally opened the platform to new users after a period of making it available only to some current users. It will expand to other countries following the U.S. migration to the new platform. Release
— Yahoo is seeking to license/white-label its successful Yahoo Answers service to other brands. The white-label strategy is still in its early stages, but Yahoo! is considering licensing its social- search offering to internet service providers and mobile network operators that run call centres, this story says. Partnerships could see firms pay to feature Yahoo! Answers on their website or use the service as an alternative means of providing customer support.
— ABC News has extended its deal with Yahoo News in some significant ways. Under the new agreement, ABC News will double the amount of content it contributes to Yahoo News. Also, Yahoo News head Neil Budde described the new agreement as a deeper partnership in which Yahoo! will be in greater communication with ABC’s newsroom.

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