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Is new SkypeOut plan a good deal?

Skype, this morning announced a new pricing structure – unlimited SkypeOut calling for $30 an entire year – which may not be a bad idea if you have local US numbers and have to call someone from say Asia or Europe.

The news has generated a lot of buzz among bloggers – Andy, Alec, and Frank. Bunch of questions about this, and will blog later. Meanwhile, tell us what you really think of this new move.

10 Responses to “Is new SkypeOut plan a good deal?”

  1. It’s no great blow that Skype’s subscriber plan is US/Canada anyway. Tried the service here in the land of Oz, and the latency to Australian Mobiles and Landlines was totally unusable. Hauling my bits all the way to the USA and back again may be cheap, but it makes you feel like you’re doing a satellite TV interview

  2. What is most interesting is that for $30 a year, you can phone any landline or mobile within USA, and I reckon it will be the world soon.
    If your mobile phone has Skype and you are in a hotspot or you pay flat Internet rate in your mobile fee, then you do not need to use the mobile phone prices to call anymore. Only $30 a year.

    Ben, $30 is for Skype Out, and that is not free, unless you had a special deal.

  3. Since when was charging $30 a year for something that was previously free “a new pricing plan that provides great value”.

    This year I get the plan for free, next year the same plan costs me $30… Can anyone explain to me how that saves me money?

  4. Check it out Om, even cheaper than we think:

    People who sign up for the new plan before January 31, 2007 will receive a special discounted introductory rate of $14.95 per year – 50 percent off the regular price.

  5. $30 for a year of unlimited calling sounds good and will work well for a lot of people. But I get a lot more from my phone (at least mobile phone) than minutes. I need text, voice mail, wap browsing.

    If I had to make a lot of business calls to other countries, it’s a no brainer.