CNET’s Exec Exodus: Making Sense of It

CNET COO Barry Briggs left earlier this week…William Morrison, an analyst with JMP Securities, came out with a research note (picked up by Barron’s Blog) and provided a roster of eight senior execs who left the company in the last year.
— CEO Shelby Bonnie
— SVP, Games and Entertainment, Vince Broady (at Yahoo)
— SVP,, Candy Meyers
— SVP, Games and Entertainment, Suzie Reider (at YouTube)
— Editor In Chief, Pat Houston
— VP HR, Heather McGuaghey
— VP Legal, Sharon Du Luy
— COO Barry Briggs
Also, Morrison says “a number of important sales people have also left the company in the last year…new CEO Neil Ashe incredibly talented,” but warns that “given the secular challenges facing the company and the material number of key executive departures in the past several months

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