Chris and Ponzi- A UMPC wedding story


A Pirillo UMPC weddingYou have probably heard about the biggest geek wedding to come off in a long time as Head Lockergnomie Chris Pirillo and Ponzi tied the knot recently on the West Coast.  It was a big affair and Chris has released a lot of photos and promises to post video soon.  The plugged in couple couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring mobile technology into the ceremony as you can see in Chris’ post about using UMPCs to read the wedding vows from.  In typical Chris and Ponzi fashion it didn’t come off without a hitch so give his account a read to get the full story.  I was happy to play a small role in this geek wedding as Chris contacted me a few weeks ago and laid out his idea to read the vows from two UMPCs.  I spoke with the good folks at TabletKiosk who rose to the occasion and furnished two TabletKiosk eo v7110 UMPCs for the soon to be Pirillos to use in the ceremony.  Actually, Chris admits this was Ponzi’s idea so we can see from the get-go who wears the brains in that family.    On a sad note, one of the UMPCs was apparently lifted during the wedding, an act that may have been caught on a hotel security camera.  Who would do such a thing at someone’s wedding?  Congratulations Chris and Ponzi!  Life is just beginning for you two, savor every moment and cherish every touch.

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