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Amanda Congdon on the Big Little Screen

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Amanda Congdon makes her debut on ABC News today, with a videoblog that harkens back strongly to her stint on Rocketboom.

It also has pre-roll ads and no rewind or fast-forward. To cap things off, it’s not embeddable, and we can’t find it on YouTube yet. You’ll have to go watch for yourself.

Virginia Heffernan applies her powers of description in a meditative article at the New York Times.

Like a teenager, [Ms. Congdon] seems exaggeratedly puzzled by whatever’s at hand; she’s too cool for almost everything, and good for her.

To achieve this effect, she often appeals to the camera — the audience? God? — to find out what’s going on. Slim, swan-necked, with the upright bearing of a dancer or cadet, she doesn’t exactly lean in for intimacy with the viewer. She’s not relatable. She seems a touch abstemious. The news, it seems, kind of grosses her out.

5 Responses to “Amanda Congdon on the Big Little Screen”

  1. Ok, so ABC bought Rocketboom… sorta. But they just don’t get it.

    Amanda talks about the high level of interactivity with her audience and to send in video responses… but there is no way to do that on the site … at least that’s what I first thought. Then I found the real link you should have sent people to:

    Still no embed, but links to the stories, talkbacks, blog entries with comments, and how to send in your community video. Much better than the first impression generated with the link in the article.