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Venice Project Letting in Beta Testers

The Venice Project, the much-awaited Internet TV project from the founders of Skype, started bringing in outside beta testers today. The beta program will be viral, with each user able to distribute invites to new testers. As soon as we give it a spin we’ll do some more in depth coverage here and on NewTeeVee.

Writes Janus Friis on his blog,

We set out to try to merge the best of TV and the best of the Internet and I think we have just taken a big step on a long journey. For a few months we have been quietly testing with a small circle of people. Now, we’re going to expand that circle – with more and more people getting invited. If you want to take it for a spin, get an invitation from an existing beta tester.

From Om: Someone who got to use the service wasn’t very kind. “To sum up, very bad interface, no text description of what the buttons mean, quality of video goes up and down very much, not really much better than a good flash file that you size up 250%.”
Exclusive screenshots beneath the fold:

175 Responses to “Venice Project Letting in Beta Testers”

  1. Yo you gotta let me be a beta tester I live for that shit Im a hardcore gamer whos really into rpg and sports games give me a shout out and you will have a loyal and dependable employee salary is negotiable no benefits required. lookin forward to hear from ya!

  2. Todd Woolery

    Playing video games is all I ever wanted to do.
    I would love a chance to beta test for you.
    You wouldn’t be disapointed. Thanks. Todd

  3. Russ Bond

    Could someone send me an invitation to be a beta tester. I’ve used Slingbox and Sqeezebox for a couple of years now. Even used my PocketPC to watch HBO from my cable box while I was vacationing in Turkey. This sounds like a KISS project, that’s what people like. Having a dozen remotes each with dozens of buttons becomes mind numbing. I know of many people who just can’t cope. I’d like to be a part of the beta so I can contribute my opinions on it’s user friendliness…..Thanks

  4. Todd Laedtke

    I’m just finishing out a theater room and setup in my home, I would really like to test this out – – for the long haul, not just a quick peek!

    This is the future, folks…

    If someone would be so kind to provide an invitation, I would be thrilled to test.


  5. Ray Latchmanan


    Just wondering if any of you finally received the invitation and if you do, could you please send me one.


    Thank you