uTorrent users upset over BitTorrent deal

uTorrent users are not too thrilled about BitTorrent buying their favorite torrent client, and they are speaking out about it. In a response to Bram Cohen’s message on the uTorrent forums, many expressed dismay, though some were optimistic about the future of their beloved client. BitTorrent’s agreements with MPAA and big studios are a cause of much hand wringing on the forums, though it is too early to say how it all shakes out.

uTorrent was created by a Swedish developer, Ludvig (Ludde) Strigeus, and was well known for its lightweight and efficient implementation of the torrent protocol. Our good pal Henri Torstensson has described the client as “exceptionally well-written codebase” and “compelling UI.”

The deal just might be what BitTorrent needed to become the client of choice, to help realize its dreams of becoming a P2P backbone for the legit content. Still it had us wondering what was BitTorrent doing this past year. Its much-awaited store is delayed, and other torrent based clients — uTorrent, Mainline, Azureus and tTransmission — have gained in popularity.

Shouldn’t innovations and lightweight implementations that have come from competitive clients emerged out of BitTorrent? Hopefully, the uTorrent acquisition is a step in the right direction for the San Francisco-based start-up that has raised over $28 million in venture financing.

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