To Do: Make it a Game!


If you’re a Simpson’s fan, you’ll remember Principal Skinner’s advice to Bart Simpson in the episode, “Bart the Murderer:”

Principal Skinner: Here’s a whole box of unsealed envelopes for the PTA!
Bart: You’re making me lick envelopes?
P.S.: Oh, licking envelopes can be fun! All you have to do is make a game of it.
Bart: What kind of game?
P.S.: Well, for example, you could see how many you could lick in an hour, then try to break that record.
Bart: Sounds like a pretty crappy game to me.
P.S.: Yes, well… Get started.

Ryan Carson of Carsonified suggests pretty much the same technique for tackling daily tasks, with the twist of counting points to weigh critical tasks more heavily. [Note: Skinner does use this system to save himself from certain death later in the episode, in case you think we’re making fun.]

The system was inspired by an article on Printable CEO by David Seah which outlines the program in more detail. And because productivity nuts love a good web app, Rough Underbelly’s Geoffrey Grosenbach has written one to keep track of your score online.



If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ll have watched several hundred episodes a total of several thousand times, and remember quite clearly from the first two seconds of each of these shows that the word ‘Simpsons’ doesn’t have an apostrophe in it.

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