Strong Wii Presence for U.K. Charts Debut


Even though the European Wii launch wasn’t exactly what Nintendo was hoping for in terms of hardware available (Nintendo had much less stock on hand than originally intended), the U.K. sales charts reflect that Nintendo had a very strong showing. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, one of Nintendos oldest and most succesful franchises, debuted at number 5 on the ELSPA sales charts, and according to David Jenkins of Gamasutra, of the 50,000 consoles sold in the first 12 hours, 33,000 buyers bought that game. Wii Play, which is unavailable in America at current but is an extra controller with a few mini games such as billiards and table tennis, debuted at number 9 while a few third party titles debuted in the top 40.

Other notable entries on the chart are FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), still going strong at number 1 after 11 weeks, which is unsurprising considering how popular soccer is in the rest of the world if not in the United States. Need for Speed Carbon is in the number 2 spot, with Pro Evolution Soccer 6 at number 3 and Call of Duty 3 at number 4.

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