Mobile tech blurring the line between work and personal time

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A recent survey in Australia has backed up what many have already figured out about mobile technology.  The survey showed that the corporate deployment of various mobile tech devices like cell phones, Blackberries and laptops is causing employees to work longer hours and handle work-related communications during normally free nights and weekends.  I know that I see the same thing here in the US so it’s definitely a global phenomenon.  Some weekends I see so many emails flying around client companies that you almost think it’s a normal work day, and I guess in that regard it is.  I also see a lot of people processing work email when they are away on vacation.  I’ve asked some folks why they do it and the answer is usually so they won’t be swamped when they get back.  I can appreciate that but we all need to get away from work from time to time.

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Chris Magnusson

“Mobile tech blurring the line between work and personal time”

Tell me about it. I’m always fiddling with my personal tech at work. ;)

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