Macs in the Business World


Here’s another one. Apparently riled some HP execs in a meeting on Wall Street. Nice. “That notebook you’ve got there is a challenge to us.” Guess the friendly days of HP selling iPods are long passed.

I’ve been tracking the growing popularity of Macs in the Business World, here and here.




As an IT Solution provider, I have just ordered a Macbook (white!)for me to replace my old iBook and if you look at some of the recent white/silver Sony notebooks, they are almost MacBook copies anyway. With Parallels I think I can convince a few more to at least look at Apple. The only issue we have is lots of companies use MS Exchange now and melding it with a Mac is not always a simple thing.
Considering Grey on PCs is even rejected now, it shows customers did notice that Grey was GREY and they wanted a bit of pizzazz. Dell does Silver notebooks (cheap Silver) and HP does what I call Death Blue/Grey – neither one nor the other.


As a suit and analyst type, I get no respect using a mac, until I do presentations and reports. Then people are always impressed. I did have to buy a black Macbook before I could consider taking to work though. Since I had to pay more just for the color and do my own tech support, it’d be great if I could at least get a black cord to match. I’m obviously price insensitive, so go ahead charge me more for it. But please, some offices just don’t do white.

Species 8472

By ‘business world’, you’re meaning blokes in suits having meetings about having meetings, drinking coffee in cafes, talking loudly into mobile phones and generally saying ‘look at me; I’m more important than you’. Using laptops.

If you look at the business of any type of graphics for instance (from agencies to printers), it’s Macs all the way and always has been. I was involved in that business for 20 years and used a Mac from the day they arrived (in the UK), and were the size of a matchbox and everyone would crowd round to have a look…

Nick Santilli

The bit about the developers preferring TextMate doesn’t surprise me too much actually.

To my knowledge, there’s not such a full featured and elegant text editor available for Windows, that’s also quick and responsive. If you’re a true code-jockey, it’s the only way to go.

Great insights, thanks for sharing.


Was in Barcelona in early November and just down the street from my hotel, a Microsoft Developers Conference was underway.

Several developers said that they use Macs for as many business tasks as they reasonably can. A few mentioned how great TextMate was, which shocked me a bit.

I’ve also seen several of our larger corporate clients begin to support staff that use or prefer Macs in their, used-to-be, Windows only environments.

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