jkOnTheRun Third Annual Geek Holiday Gift Guide


Wow!  You know your blog has been around for a long time if you have a third annual anything and since it’s the holiday season once again we proudly present our jkOnTheRun Third Annual Geek Holiday Gift Guide.  You’re always struggling with what to get for that special geek in your life and here on jkOnTheRun we make that easier for you with our top 10 geek gift suggestions once again.  Let’s head straight into the list in no particular order:

1.  Thanko MP4 Watch. Don’t let the name fool you.  The Thanko MP4 watch also displays photos and records voice memos in MP3, and can be used as a USB 2.0 storage device.  What more could your beloved geek want?  Now he/she can watch videos on the run, and look stylish at the same time.  You can pick up this baby from Dynamism in either a 1 GB or 2 GB version.  Just imagine the look on your geek’s face when you pull out the box from Dynamism.  $189 – $249.


2.  T.One USB Microdrive–.No wimpy USB memory stick for your geek.  The T.One USB Microdrive is not much bigger than one of those wimpy sticks yet packs an astounding 8 or 12 GB onboard!  Your geek can carry an entire season of Star Trek everywhere.  Talk about a great gift.  ThinkGeek.  $120 – $150.


3.  Yoda Plush Backpack–.This is not just a run-of-the-mill Yoda Backpack, this is a Yoda Plush Backpack so don’t be fooled by imitations.  Don’t you want your geek to always have a Jedi Master strapped to his/her back?  The Yoda backpack can carry a lot of geek gear without creating a ripple in the force.  ThinkGeek.  $38.


4. Idea Wood Block Clock. This plain attractive block of wood magically shows the time on the face of the block when the clock is turned on.  It’s available in two sizes to fit in any geek lair.  Dynamism.  $379 (hey it’s magic, what do you expect?)

Idea wood clock

5.  T-Qualizer Shirt.  A T-shirt that has a working graphic equalizer on the front that reacts to noise and music.  What more can you say?  ThinkGeek.  $40.


6.  USB Battery Charger.  Your geek goes through batteries like normal people go through, er, normal stuff.  This USB Battery Charger will recharge 4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries in just 4 hours to keep geek down time to a minimum.  ThinkGeek.  $12.


7.  T-Clock Shirt.  If equalizers are not your geek’s thing then I’m betting this clock T-shirt will do the trick.  Not just a mere clock, oh no, this T-shirt sports a clock and stopwatch right on the front of the shirt.  Perfect for timing frag sessions as your geek goes for a new personal best.  ThinkGeek.  $40.


8.  Desk Character.  What could be cuter than these cute little desk characters that have personalities that only a geek could love.  There are five different characters to choose from (in several colors) including flowers that react to the sun and birds that tweet when picked up.  Now isn’t that cute?  Dynamism.  $29 – $39.


9.  Khet Laser Game.  Take a simple board game and incorporate mirrors and lasers and your geek will be fascinated for hours!  The game is simple to learn but difficult to master.  Hey, it’s got batteries, lasers and mirrors.  It’s a natural.  ThinkGeek.  $38.

Khet Laser game

10.  Air Hogs R/C Helix Micro Helicopter.  This small helicopter is radio controlled and designed for indoor flight, perfect for geeks who never venture outdoors.  The rechargeable battery for the helicopter is included and the controller runs on a single 9–volt battery.  Sharper Image.  $90.

RC Helicopter

So there you have our third annual gift guide and we are pretty confident you can find the perfect something for that perfect someone in your life.  Geeks rule!



I don’t think the Helix microhelicopter is a great choice. Those sold for $60 at ToysRus before they were recalled because the battery would overheat. They were very hard to fly. Since the recall they have come out again and they are $45 at Costco.

A much better choice would be the PiccoZ micro helicopter. It is $30 at ToysRus and flies much better then the Helix. You can find out a lot more information about them at http://www.rcgroups.com and search for PicooZ or PiccoZ.

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