Illinois Forced to Pay Court Fees


Judge Matthew S. Kennelly issued a permanent injunction against legislation that would make it mandatory for game stores to post extra signage and put secondary stickers on game boxes, reinforcing game ratings. As reported by Gamasutra, a federal judge has set a deadline of next Monday to outline how the state will pay for legal bills accrued by the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) and other defendants. The state will have to come up with a way to pay the defense $510, 528.64 worth of court costs and legal fees. This legislation would also put in place a penalty system that would charge stores $1,000 for selling Mature games to minors, as well as $500 fines per sign offense for the first 3 and then $1,000 for each offense afterwards.

The video and computer gaming industry has already adopted a standard for games known as the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). Thankfully, this legislation backfired, and has done the same in a few other states such as Michigan and Louisianna.

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