IGF Finalists Announced


Last year, we saw IGF winners, such as the makers of Cloud, go on to sign deals with Sony for PS3 development, and Darwinia is now available on Steam. Past winner, Alien Hominid, went on to become a PS2 game. With the Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network, independent games are going to become more and more mainstream and are rapidly becoming a viable source of income. The IGF is a great place to look for the designers of tomorrow.

The Independent Games Festival has released its list of finalists for this year’s main competition:

Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Aquaria – Bit Blot; Armadillo Run – Peter Stock; Bang! Howdy – Three Rings Design; RoboBlitz – Naked Sky Entertainment; Everyday Shooter – Queasy Games.

Best Web Browser Game: Bubble Islands – dot-invasion; Gamma Bros – Pixeljam; Samorost 2 – Amanita Design.

Design Innovation Award: Armadillo Run – Peter Stock; Aquaria – Bit Blot ; Everyday Shooter – Queasy Games; Toblo – Digipen Institute of Technology; Toribash – NABI Software.

Excellence In Visual Art: Castle Crashers – The Behemoth; Golf? – Luke Hetherington Company; Aquaria – Bit Blot; RoboBlitz – Naked Sky Entertainment; Samorost 2 – Amanita Design.

Excellence In Audio: Bone: The Great Cow Race – Telltale Games; Everyday Shooter – Queasy Games; FizzBall – Grubby Games; Aquaria – Bit Blot; Racing Pitch – Skinflake.

Technical Excellence: Arcane Legions: The Rising Shadow – Slitherine Software; Armada Online – EvStream; Bang! Howdy – Three Rings Design; Blast Miner – Cryptic Sea; Bugs Of War – NinjaBee.

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