AppZapper Announces New Release

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AppZapper, “The uninstaller Apple forgot,” announced a new release today that adds some great new features to this small but handy tool for uninstalling applications on Mac OS X. User Authentication makes sure that your kids don’t ‘accidentally’ uninstall critical applications to install the latest video game, and UnZap allows you to remove applications non-destructively, and restore them later if you like.

The problem AppZapper solves is that while it’s terribly easy to install software in OS X, finding all the support files can be annoying. Shareware, a full license is only $13, so it’s a good bargain for Web Workers like us who are always trying out and then discarding the latest and greatest apps.

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From the discussion on the new type of mac apps over on gus muellers blog –

If you’ve actually took the time to compare AppZapper to a few other apps out there, you’ll realize is a piece of crap.

Check out CleanApp (cheaper than AppZapper, does tons more)

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