A-DATA microSD Trio: one flash card, three options

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SdtrioA-DATA’s microSD Trio just might replace my SanDisk 1 GB Ultra II SD Plus USB card if I find that it’s fast enough for ReadyBoost in Vista. This flash storage card is available in 512 MB, 1- and 2-GB capacities and it offers three different interface options. A microSD card fits into card shell, which also has a USB 2.0 interface. If you need a full sized Secure Digital (SD) card, there’s an adapter for that too. Now to get my hands on one and test the transfer speeds on this 2-gram flash card…

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Do let us know if you find an online store with this. I was considering getting a Stysen USB+SD card, or Sandisk SD Plus, but I’d much rather this…

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