A Web Workers Holiday Gift Guide


This is a post to all the people that have web workers in their lives. We thank you very much for putting extra thought into showering us with a few gifts during this holiday season. Thus, we have compiled a little list of possible options for holiday gifts for the beloved web workers in your life. These items are bound to ensure our continued success, and will help us to streamline operations, and increase productivity:

  • BlackBerry Pearl – we promise to send you pictures of us working as evidence that we really do work.
  • Wifi finder – We could map out the locations where we could work.
  • Fancy pen with fancy notebook – yes, we sometimes like to shut the computers off, although very rarely.
  • Nice slim laptop bag – we have about 4 already, but we might be able to use another one with some stealth pockets for all of our other gadgets.
  • Nokia E61 – with wifi!
  • Amazon, Buy.com gift certificates – essentially any related electronic store is fine.
  • Starbucks card – because we cant get enough caffeine!
  • Privacy laptop film – no spying on our top secret work is allowed by other cafe goers.
  • Magazine subscriptions – ie. Business 2.0, Red Herring, Wired, or industry related.
  • 4GB memory key – I think we all could use an extra one?
  • 30″ lcd display – the bigger the screen, the more work we can do!
  • iPod – Although most of us have one, we could use one with a little more HD space.


My fellow web workers have also added a few ideas below in the comments….
Thank you, and Happy Holidays!


Rae Buerckner

You forgot just one thing, the perfect gift for the geek with kids ;) I’m getting my 12 year old son Lego Mindstorms NXT for Xmas, both me and my geek brother who is going halves in it, can’t wait to play :)

Dana Vanden Heuvel

To go along w/ the fancy pen and notebook, I’d put almost anything from Levenger on the list. I take pleasure in turning down the PowerBook and writing for a change!

How about…

* Plantronics Skype conference call phone pod? Those are really, really sweet!
* A proper cordless mouse? I can’t believe how many wired mice I still see in the coffee shops


I’d add a subscription to Amazon Prime. It’s an awesome service and then you can start one-clicking 2 day shipments willy-nilly…except for that spending money on the actual product part.

Chris Gilmer

3m privacy film is awesome! unless you are looking at the screen dead on, you cant see anything! pearl and e61 are just cool gadgets to have, you know what im saying! haha


A nice overly large holiday stocking full of all those things would be AMAZING. Why the Pearl and the E61? Do the privacy films reduce the brightness of your laptop screen by much if at all?

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