YouTube, CBS Censoring Comments


From the YouTube viewers should-be-seen-and-not-heard dept. is this story in the NY Times today detailing how CBS and YouTube censor and bury viewer comments on some YouTube-hosted clips from CBS.

According to the story (and you can check this yourself) many of the pages with CBS-produced videos only have links to comments, which are on a separate page. Why is this being done? Apparently CBS and some other licensed providers aren’t too keen on the sometimes off-color comments that can appear directly below a video on a normal YouTube page.

More from the story:

CBS began moving and filtering comments on some videos in mid-October, shortly after announcing its licensing agreement with YouTube, in order to remove “profane, unconstructive criticism,” and off-topic political vitriol, said Quincy Smith, the president of CBS Interactive.

To many users of sites like YouTube, of course, being profane, unconstructive, off-topic and vitriolic is the point.

Unless, of course, you get… first post!


Roy Brewster

It is very noticeable when viewing any “soft porn” items on You Tube that “the censors” or whomever stop the clip whenever the sexual action starts to get interesting. If this is done to protect children or young persons, then of course I have no objections. However in that case why to they also seem to allow clips of young people apparently abusing drink and drugs ? I think we deserve a clear statement from You Tube as to there exact code of practice in allowing or not allowing video clips. Otherwise how are we to judge the veracity of the more serious items shown ??

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