YouTube, CBS Censoring Comments

From the YouTube viewers should-be-seen-and-not-heard dept. is this story in the NY Times today detailing how CBS and YouTube censor and bury viewer comments on some YouTube-hosted clips from CBS.

According to the story (and you can check this yourself) many of the pages with CBS-produced videos only have links to comments, which are on a separate page. Why is this being done? Apparently CBS and some other licensed providers aren’t too keen on the sometimes off-color comments that can appear directly below a video on a normal YouTube page.

More from the story:

CBS began moving and filtering comments on some videos in mid-October, shortly after announcing its licensing agreement with YouTube, in order to remove “profane, unconstructive criticism,” and off-topic political vitriol, said Quincy Smith, the president of CBS Interactive.

To many users of sites like YouTube, of course, being profane, unconstructive, off-topic and vitriolic is the point.

Unless, of course, you get… first post!