Win a virtual keyboard in a real contest


Judie over at GearDiary is giving away a real i.Tech Virtual Keyboard on her site and the stated rules are pretty simple:


Reply in this thread with the name of your favorite Science Fiction movie or book, and include a sentence or two telling why it’s your favorite. 

The i.Tech VKB review is slated for posting on January 15th, so I’ll plan on announcing the winner at 5:30 pm, US Central Standard Time on January 16th.

Read the small print:
This contest is open to anyone in the world, and I will pick up shipping.

That sounds like a good deal to me so head on over and enter her contest.  Tell them jkOTR sent you.



wouldn’t it be lovely to see this keyboard implemented into a UMPC. like have my q1 at 80 degree stand emit a laser keyboard in front of it when i want do some heavy typing? just a thought that i would like to see happen. =)

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