The Tale of Traffic Numbers: Content Sites As Popups

Yep, this debate will never end, and talks of sites using dubious methods has been and will always be around. NYT does a story about how some content sites, like and others are using pop-ups to inflate their traffic number. In this case, no, they’re not using pop-up ads on their sites, but serving themselves up in those ads units on other sites.
The story focuses on the example of, but it mentions others: Other sites in the last year include, the site of Conde Nast Traveler magazine;, part of the Forbes financial publishing group; and, it quotes a researcher.
In the case of, which has articles on luxury resorts and expensive spas, the site recently bought pop-up services from Zango, one of the largest adware companies. is also a page popper, the story says, though the company says it has taken steps to avoid inflating traffic statistics or upsetting advertisers.