Socialtext unplugged: even Wiki’s need some offline time


Unplug_largeSocialtext introduced off-line wiki authoring capabilities today, adding even greater productivity potential to the potent platform. I got turned on to Socialtext earlier this year because it’s a perfect Wiki for small groups; the Personal service is free for up to five users, which is perfect for team collaboration. In fact, we use a Socialtext Wiki for the MobileTechRoundup podcast thanks to its ease of use, ability to subscribe to Wiki changes via RSS and support for mobile device browsers; our ideas for the show are added whenever the mood strikes by James, Matt and me.

With today’s announcement, you can now use "Socialtext Unplugged" meaning that you can work on the Wiki offline. Simply click the new "unplugged" icon (shown), change as needed and then sync up your Wiki changes when you have connectivity!

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