PSA for Mac Converts: Alternatives to MS Office

I’ve gotten into using the Google’s office web apps lately – consisting of a word processor and a spreadsheet design tool. They’re pretty full-featured and easy to work with. The great part about them is the ease with which you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Plus, to ensure it plays well in the Microsoft world, you can save the documents as their Word or Excel brethren, or even upload docs from the well-known apps for editing and viewing within Google’s space. Oh, and it’s totally free.

So I’m thinking how cool this is. With so many people starting to look into Apple’s computers, there’s a lot of people who are looking to replace their Windows software applications with whatever will do the job on the Mac. I remember when I made the leap across, my biggest fear was having to repurchase the thousands of dollars worth of software that I’d procured (over years on the platform) for the Microsoft OS, for OS X.

Well now with services like Google’s, more recent and future converts to the Mac platform have another great alternative to purchasing Microsoft Office X – which is getting long in the tooth anyway – while awaiting the Universal version to come along. Open Office is worth a look too, but runs through X11, and may be more sluggish than some people want these days.


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