Motion LS800 Mobile Dock: all UMPCs should have this option


Ls800_stand_upright Ls800_stand_tablet

Craig Pringle shares all the advantages of the Motion LS800 Mobile Docking Station and I hope every UMPC design team reads the post. While I adore the built-in 80-degree and 20-degree stands on my Samsung Q1 UMPC, there’s isn’t a docking option. Other UMPCs, like the Asus R2H, offer docking solutions, but it doesn’t appear quite as flexible as the Motion LS800 offering.

Aside from adding necessary ports, Motion’s Mobile Docking Station provides two physical configurations with just a single dock. You can place the LS800 nearly vertical for a standard monitor-like notebook use or using the same equipment, you can dock the Motion in a tablet-type mode for easy inking. If that’s not enough choice for you, the unit is wall-mountable as well, and of course the VGA cable jack is in exactly the right spot for such a use. Not everyone likes to dock their Tablet or UMPC, but when you can have multiple choices from a single accessory, it’s a win-win in my book. Check out Craig’s full review of this handy-dandy dock.

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