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Microsoft gives up trying and starts blatantly copying…

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John Gruber just made quite an interesting post/find on his site about how Microsoft has straight copied Apple’s Workgroup Manager Icon.

Here’s a screenshot of Microsoft’s page with the icon:

Workgroup icon

The page this is on is here (click the Buy Now button).

Workgroup icon

Then check out the icon on Apple’s OS X Server page (towards the bottom).

This is way more than “inspiration” here. This is some kid at Microsoft going to the Apple site, saving the image to the Microsoft server, and then bragging to his boss that he just whipped up the icon. Pathetic.

UPDATE: It would seem Microsoft have swapped out the icon…what a surprise.

90 Responses to “Microsoft gives up trying and starts blatantly copying…”

  1. Dear lenjc57,

    Before one should bitch about spelling and grammer, one should look to one’s own post for a proper example; you complain about the atrocious spelling and grammer of others, ironically in a post of your own which lacks proper punctuation! You do know that sentances generally begin with capitolization of the first word? Or that when one refers to one’s self using the pronoun ‘I’, that it too should be capitolized? Before you rip on other’s thoughts and postings… perhaps you should look to your own faults.

  2. i read a lot of these posts and blogs, and the thing that fascinates and frustrates me the most is the apparent lack of spelling and grammar skills exhibited by most posters. if you want to get your point across, you need to learn how to express yourself. most posts on these sites are little more than random, pointless, incoherent babbling. but, it can be quite entertaining, i must admit.

  3. Talk about over-analyzing something.

    First, this is an MS web page, not Vista or any other MS product. I see nothing to indicate this icon even exists in Vista.

    Second, there’s no guarantee MS even created this web page. It may have been contracted to a third party.

    Third, it’s irrelevant because some not-too-smart person designing the page is the guilty person here. I can guarantee you that Bill Gates didn’t call down to the web design department and tell some intern to copy icons from Apple, because, “hey, Apple is so much cooler than us.”

    Give it a rest, people. Some of you seem so hopelessly devoted to Apple that you’re willing to read *way* too much into a little icon plagiarism.

  4. Microsoft did not steal the icon they “borrowed” it until someone noticed. It’s a nice example that of how big business can make low level mistakes. :-) Im sure that they are still happy about the free press to their new products.

  5. MisterKen

    “I find it very easy to believe that microsoft would do something like this…”

    Bwaaa ha ha ha ha haha! THAT is funny.

    What amazes me is that no one at Microsoft bothered to check this.
    Is there an approval process in place?

    Wait a minute (remembering) ActiveX, CSS compliance in the browsers, domain registry, et. al….Forget what I just said.

  6. I love how people believe that Mac and MS are like The US and USSR during the Cold War. If you Mac fanboys were really in tune with what your favorite company was up to, you’d know that there is PLENTY of Mac/MS interoperability going on. They outsource to the same firms the same way rivaling grocery stores buy good from the same farmers and vendors. I mean, would you say: “Holy crap! Foot Locker is selling the SAME EXACT PAIR OF NIKE’s that Famous Footwear is selling!!”

  7. SomeLlama

    OH NOES!!!! someone stole an icon from a website.. that proves M$ is crap!!!!//11

    (see how I made the s a dollar sign, it’s to show that microsoft is greedy and I am hip)

    We should hold a rally to protest Micro$$$oft (uber leet dollar sign usage) that will teach them not to steal Apple’s website icons!!!!1.1.2omgwtfbbq

  8. To the doofus who wrote:

    “And you know, IconFactory has done design work for Microsoft, Apple, and Ubuntu.”

    For Microsoft, certainly. Not for Apple. Ever. You’d think they’d like, brag about that? Here’s a post from Icon Factory on the whole matter:

    It takes an MS fanboy to think that Apple doesn’t use one of their legions of creative people to draw their own icons.