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Metacafe, for sale or not

Well isn’t that the 300 million dollar question? Last week there was word that the company was close to being sold. Techcrunch, this morning pointed out that it is not quite as smooth sale-ing. Liz and many of us have spent our entire morning chasing this story, and have been able to learn that negotiations are still continuing. You can get the complete details over on

3 Responses to “Metacafe, for sale or not”

  1. Blog news coverage has become incredibly circular and redundant. Everyone is covering the same stories / rumors, but no one is offering insightful commentary on the merits of an acquisition.

    Is Metacafe really worth $200 – $300 million? How valuable is their traffic if its predominately (66%) international? Are they offering anything other than generic video hosting – and is that a viable long-term strategy (because offering to pay content producers is certainly not differentiated)??