Fujitsu P1610 might be the hottest Tablet PC right now

Fujitsu_p1610_ctitanicFirst James sells his flash-based Samsung Q1 SSD to procure a Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC and now CTitanic (aka: Frank, or do I have it backwards?) gives the Fuji a 9 out of 10 in his review. Really now, what’s not to love when you have an ultra-portable convertible Tablet PC that’s impervious to touchscreen vectoring?

Frank provides several comparison photos of the P1610 against his Samsung Q1 and eo v7110 UMPC; the size difference isn’t as large as you’d expect and Frank illustrates the point nicely. You’ll also find out in his review what the various benchmark specs are; this mini Tablet can hold its own in the performance department. So why not a full 10 out of 10? Frank feels that the price keeps it from a perfect 10; while the base price is around $1,650, recommended upgrades of RAM and hard-drive storage capacity bump the P1610 over the $2k mark. Always a trade-off in mobile devices…always a trade off.


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