Early Vista Tip #4: troubleshooting WMDC



Just 49 days, 14 hours, 9 minutes and a few seconds before Windows Vista hits the consumer computer; here’s another early tip that will come in handy after January 30th and it’s courtesy of Jason Langridge. Jason walks through two quick scenarios to help troubleshoot WMDC, Windows Mobile Device Center. Remember, good ol’ ActiveSync gets a re-name and a facelift in Vista. My personal experience so far is that it’s not 100% stable, but to be fair, I haven’t synched my XV 6700 with Vista in several weeks, so it could now be improved.

The high level troubleshooting techniques are:

1. Install your mobile device and drivers first, then run Windows Update; that’s how you’ll get WMDC.
2. Switch your device connection to a Serial connection if Vista doesn’t see your handheld.

Jason has all the details right here, so if you’re an early masochist, er, adopter like me, you can get a head start using WMDC in Vista. OK, back to the Vista countdown….49d, 13h, 59m and 46 seconds…..45….44….

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