As MacHeist Draws To a Close, the Fireworks Keep Getting Louder

MacHeistOne bundle. 10 applications. 49 dollars. And a goal of $100,000 for charities. Thus makes up the final bundle for MacHeist, which after over a month of heists, is finally ending, but not without a bang. At midnight last night, Phillip Ryu finally unveiled the first application of the ten in the bundle, the media cataloger Delicious Library, as well as the price of this amazing package of Mac applications, $49. Also announced was that 25% of profits would go to one of eight charities which the purchaser can select from. As the timer clicked down towards 9 AM, the rampant speculation in the IRC room was punctuated hourly by the unveiling of another application, one by one. Little did anyone suspect, however, that there would be a catch to purchasing the bundle. Phill and his team decided to hold back the final two applications with a requisite that the sales of the bundle rack up first 50 and then 100 thousand dollars for the charities. “We wanted to give the Mac community as a whole an opportunity to show how generous we are,” Phill stated, “Donations will be made in the name of the Mac community.

And generous they are: even without the last two applications, NewsFire and TextMate, the bundle is an amazing deal. Most MacHeisters have completed at least 4 heists, each of which brings down the price of the bundle by $2, at no cost to themselves. The value of the bundle without the last two applications, is $288.75. If most users are paying around $40 for the bundle, with 25% going to charity, $30 is made by MacHeist per bundle. With 8 definite developers, that means each gets around 4 dollars, which just goes down if the charity requirements are met and additional applications are included. The average price for all these applications at retail is around $35, yet the developers are giving them out for a tenth of that. From the beginning, MacHeist has been giving away applications, but in general, those had been unlocked versions of applications, meaning they aren’t upgradeable. In this case, however, all the applications are exactly what you’d get if you bought them from the developer’s stores. This level of generosity from the developers is staggering. Two of the applications in the bundle, Disco and iClip 4, haven’t even been released yet, and must be giving up hundreds of full paying customers just for this bundle. Yet, Phill managed to convince them to do this.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, but does purchasing the bundle do for me?” Well, you’re getting 8-10 wonderful applications at a sixth of the cost of them separately, and each alone is worth more than the price of the bundle. First is Delicious Library, an amazing book, movie, game, and music cataloging application which can use your iSight to scan bar codes. Next is FotoMagico, a slideshow application extrordinaire, with Apple Remote support and DVD burning. Third is ShapeShifter, the insanely popular theming application for OS X, making the interface of your dreams just a click away. DEVONthink Personal follows, a database application to store your every text document, PDF, and email. Fifth, Disco, the CD/DVD burning application that’s easy to use and even smokes while it burns! RapidWeaver, the website creator that leaves even iWeb in its dust comes after, followed by iClip, the multiple clipboard manager that’ll make you wonder where its been all your life. The last of the definite inclusions is a Pangea Game, with choices of Pangea Arcade, Nanosaur 2, Bugdom 2, and Enigmo 2. If $50,000 is obtained for charities, next in the bundle will be NewsFire, an RSS reader with such a beautiful interface, it makes even Paul Thurrot’s words bearable. And finally, if the ultimate goal of $100,000 is reached, TextMate will be unlocked, an award-winning text editor to aid developers in the most daunting of tasks.

That’s quite an impressive line-up, if you ask me, especially at such a low cost. And think, each developer participating is giving up thousands of dollars in profits for the sake of you Mac users as well as great charities. What better way to say thank you to such an awesome group of people, as well as Phill and his team who made this all possible, than by purchasing the bundle? You’re helping people in need through the charities, you’re helping the developers make a living, and you’re not spending much more than 1 or 2 good shareware apps cost at retail, anyway. So head on over to MacHeist, give some of the apps a spin, and if you like what you see and decide to pay, remember that you’re doing good and helping people who have done a lot for you.

(EDIT: Minor grammatical corrections)