Yes Virginia, the Fujitsu P1610 is my new Tablet PC


It is probably the worst kept secret ever due to my unbridled enthusiasm for the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC. While my initial observations of the P1610 were objective, it became clear as I continued to use it that this Tablet PC fits my lifestyle and work habits perfectly. It takes a special device to become a permanent part of my toolkit and I am more than happy to put the Fujitsu in that special place in my gadget bag.  I want to thank Allegiance Technology Partners for allowing me to share my experiences with the P1610 with you by supplying me with this evaluation unit and for letting me purchase the unit even though they have a lot of folks waiting for an evaluation unit.  John Hill of all  ALLTP rocks!




hmm I was thinking about ordering from the us to europe but there is also the case of taxes… 20% in Austria!!! it still comes out cheaper than ordering from austria tho lol


Paul: A quick search on eBay reveals several P1610s sold for less than USD1700 and shipping worldwide.
Hope this helps!

Paul J Shadwell

Now you’ve inspired me James and I am trying to track down a source in the US that will ship to me in Switzerland.
I found that Allegiance Technology Partners has the P1610 for under $1700! But only shipping within the US. Do you know that the best price I can find in Switzerland is CHF3600. This is the equivilent of almost $3000!!! and that’s for the minimum spec and no idea when they’ll be getting them in.
If anyone knows of a US dealership that will ship internationally I would be very pleased to hear about it. With this massive cost difference I could even consider flying over myself and picking one up and still save money.
Any ideas or suggestions (constructive please) gratefully received.

Jeff Singfiel

I’ve sure enjoyed following this development. At the same time, I have to point out a critical factual error in the above post.

There is no such thing as “a permanent part of [JK’s] toolkit. ;)

I hope everyone has a good week.

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