MacHeist Bundle Release


If you’ve been following along with MacHeist for the past few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly gotten some decent free software, as well as a bit of a mental work out. (If you didn’t just read the others’ problem solving work.) Well along the way you’ve also been building credits toward the final mystery bundle. This bundle is supposedly pretty chock-full of sweet OS X apps.

Well the release of the bundle is upon us, so make that mental note to check MacHeist every free moment until it’s revealed. If you’ve got credits built up from Heists, you’ll get a smoking deal on it – if it’s worth it to you. And if you’re one of the lucky first 10 to the page, you’ll get the bundle for free. Zero bones. Pretty good deal, no matter what the software is.

So keep your browsers peeled. While I can’t talk specifics, I’ve heard we won’t be disappointed.



I already have Delicious Library, but I may still buy the bundle if they start getting close to unlocking NewsFire or TextMate. I really want TextMate.

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