Internet Video Revenues, $7 billion by 2010


The great thing about forecasts is that no one remembers the exact amount when the future finally rolls around. Perhaps that is why we take Parks Associates’ prediction that the annual US revenues from Internet video services will top $7 billion by 2010 with a grain of salt. It is a bold prediction, and is predicated on the growing popularity of Internet video advertising.

In 2007, approximately 85% of revenue will be from advertisements attached to user-generated content and television and news streams. By 2010, services for renting and downloading TV shows and movies will account for nearly 40% of total revenues.


Michael Dusseau

Although one may argue the actual projected dollars, I agree with the above percentages. In fact, we are pioneering the growth in “user paid” services. My company, The 9thXchange, has created a website that generates income by transactional revenue, not advertising. Consumers can buy AND sell digital content while protecting the content provider. We also pay royalties to the content provider every time their content is bought and sold. This new way of looking at digital content supports the reason why Parks Associates predicts such a huge jump in user paid revenue.

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