Xslimmer at MacAppADay

If you’ve been following MacAppADay as I have, you’ve already seen that today’s freebie is Xslimmer. I had no idea this app existed previous to this (MAAD seems to be doing it’s job in that respect) or even what it did. Maybe I’m behind the times.

For those in the same boat as myself, it’ll only do you any good if you’re running an Intel-powered Mac. See what it does, is remove the none-Intel code from Universal applications, slimming them down and saving you space. Interesting idea.

My feelings on this are:

  1. How strapped for hard drive space must you be to feel the need to remove a couple megs of bloat from an applications?
  2. Should I fully trust this thing from not hosing one of my programs? (granted, it’s simple enough to re-download/install, but still)

I don’t know. I’ve got a couple trial apps on my system right now that I’ll probably try it on, and see how it goes. At the end of the day however, maybe I’ve freed-up 100 megabytes of space (and I think I’m being pretty liberal with that number) on my hard disk. Is that worth the $6.95 introductory offer they’re asking ($9.95 regularly)? While the price tag is low and reasonable, for me, I don’t think the utility I’d get out of it would be worth it.

If you’ve got experience with Xslimmer, I’d love to hear them. Do you think it’s worth $7 or $10? Do you see real merit in its slimming capabilities?