Twitter Chatter and Web Workers

As the fan wiki describes it, “Twitter is a way of life. It’s living with a publicity policy. It’s friends, Romans and countrypeople the world over engaged in timely snippet conversations that fit into 145 character chunks.” It’s a great way to organize spontaneous crowds, vent to your friends or just trade insider nerd humor. Yesterday, Twitter’s Biz Stone sent out an email with a number of updates regarding our favorite mobile group-messaging service (sorry, Dodgeball).

First off, AIM joins RSS, SMS, Jabber and Livejournal as methods of either sending and receiving updates from your friends. The API has allowed users to create their own Twitter widgets, like Twidget for Mac OS X. And after being something of a toy just for hardcore Web 2.0 geeks this summer and fall, the service is now beginning to gather steam, with the user base beginning to grow exponentially, doubling last month.

So if you haven’t played around with short-messaging a friends list from almost any device, give it a whirl. If you have, let us know what you love and hate about the service in the comments. We are thinking about ways to implement Twitter into our web work lives – perhaps using it as a way to create a private network and staying connected. Any thoughts?


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