Open Thread – Idea Generation

Some days generating ideas are easy. What happens when you’re having an off day and generating ideas is really getting you down? What do you do to bounce back to your energetic full of ideas self?

How about clearing your mind and doing something different? Maybe taking a break from routine, and trying something new. How about Pilates, yoga, or simply strolling around a park sightseeing? After all, there is no sense in sitting staring at a blank screen is there? Do you draw out plans or ideas on the computer? Maybe switch to a pen and paper and see what comes out. Pick up a magazine or book on a new topic instead of the same ones you always read. Take a trip to a gallery or museum jotting down random thoughts that pop into your head.

These are something’s that might help during a slump. Share your thoughts with fellow web workers on what you do to bounce back from a temporary brain freeze.


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